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Art Round Tennessee is now hiring for:


To apply, please email your CV/Resume with a cover letter to artprowl@gmail.com with subject: ART PROWL DIRECTOR POSITION. Applications due no later than March 27, 2020.

Job Description:

DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: March 31, 2020 - January 31, 2021

SALARY: $5000, paid in monthly increments of $500 during contracted period


*Support will be provided by ART Prowl Committee, ART fundraising committee, Social Media associate, et al


Manage and promote ART prowl in timely and effective manner, produce a balanced show. 

1. Issue a call for artists via press release in area papers in May, direct email invitations to previous artists and social media. Invite First Friday artists to apply.


2. Maintain standards in selecting artist participants*


3. Manage all artist applications, images, artist information and statements. Save images in dropbox folder. Share with graphics and press coordinators as needed; create sub-folders in dropbox for specific tasks, i.e., images for ads, brochure. Monitor ARTProwl@gmail.com regularly, answering all inquiries in a timely manner. 


4. Secure new venues for pop-up galleries and renew venues that have been successful in the past. 

    Select one artist at each location to be liaison with hosts; clarify expectations of each.


5. Decide layout of the show (with help from the ART Prowl committee) and match artists to the locations. Using last year’s layout as a guide, offer previous year spaces to returning artists. Suggested that artists not line up their own spaces. 


6. Hold at least two artists meetings, Putnam County Library downstairs meeting room.


7. Provide coordination and troubleshooting during ART Prowl, using volunteers and AP committee.


8. Create and maintain a timeline of tasks and events for future reference.


9. Oversee pre-prowl volunteer activities: Sign and brochure distribution, etc.


Serve on Art Round Tennessee board, attending monthly meetings

Attend meetings with ART Prowl Committee, present monthly ART Prowl report.

Be responsible for marketing of ART Prowl. Oversee advertising and promotion, using existing media calendar and adjusting it as needed. 

1. Arrange to be interviewed on local radio stations prior to Prowl- or use a talkative artist; also work with WCTE’s Paula Walker to produce video of ART Prowl artists’ work. Work with Kyle Bradley of WPLN TV to promote Prowl through sponsorship of programming.


2. With Graphics coordinator, Brian Stockwell – update branding for web and print; produce all ads, annual ART Prowl brochure. Share Dropbox images for ads and brochure. Procure  a skilled proofreader for the brochure. All artists must sign off on their brochure information.*


3. Work with AP committee to procure press coordinator, with whom you will work to produce timely and informative press releases and articles. Consult on themes for articles. Edit articles, or use an AP Committee member in that capacity. *


4. Champion the event and serve as the face of ART Prowl . Attend Cookeville Arts Council Meetings,

occasional WestSide Business Association meetings


5. Manage Community Partners program, using volunteer if needed to contact CPs. Promote CP program on Social media and local papers approx. 5 weeks before Prowl. Invite a hotel to be CP



ART Prowl Director may be called upon to work with the Fundraising Committee, which, through previous and new sponsors, raises funds to support ART Prowl and First Fridays. Make sure all sponsors are thanked and receive tax exempt letter by mid-February 2021


6. Collect ART Prowl’s annual line -item funding from the Cookeville Arts Council ($2500) by contacting Chad McDonald at Cookeville Leisure Services 


7. Promote the ART Prowl Welcome Center.  Collect donated artwork for door prizes and insure that they are visible and . Entry forms should be plentiful and easily available. 

Communicate with Welcome Center the duties of Welcome Center to ART Prowl artists, and make sure Welcome Center is highly visible on brochure and in promotions.


8. Gather volunteers for any ART Prowl activities . making sure volunteer database is up to date. Brainstorm more volunteer ideas and opportunities.


9- Work with Social events coordinator- currently Sadie Wang, to produce at least two artist potlucks.