ART Prowl 2021
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Click on each artist's name to read more about them and see what kind of art they make:

Gallery 1

The Tiny Cloak

370A Reagan St.

Gallery 2

Wayne Hogan Studio

370C Reagan St.

Gallery 3

The Silver Fern

145 E. Spring St.

Gallery 4

Walnut St. Market

136 S. Walnut Ave.

Gallery 5

Cookeville Art Studio

186 S. Walnut Ave.

Gallery 8

The Table

18 W. Spring St.

Gallery 14

Cookeville History Museum

40 E. Broad St.

Gallery 12


24 W. Broad St.

Gallery 18

Cookeville Depot Museum

116 W. Broad St.

Gallery 19

Broadway Boutique

107 W. Broad St.

Gallery 20 artists have moved! Find them at:

Cookeville History Museum

Gallery 14

Paul Mikartian


Kip Kniep



Spring Street Studios

Gallery 7

Carolyn Isbell


Gallery 21

Father Tom's Pub

32 N. Cedar Ave.

Gallery 23

The Art Jam

111 W. 1st St.

Gallery 24

True Love Tattoo

104 N. Cedar Ave.

Gallery 25

Gentleman's Barber

113 N. Cedar Ave.

Gallery 27

Merritt Ireland Studio

1522 Eastlake Drive