Vern Skinner

Vern's Boxes

In my working days I had my own company, Medical Components Upholstery. Sewing with an industrial sewing machine which now is very old but well kept. ( Better than my car I believe.) I still turn to it at times. I designed boat seats, head boards and chair bottoms, working on medical tables and restaurant booths as well as dental chairs. That was how I met Helga. After retiring I turned to wood working and making boxes, coasters, cutting boards and table art with recycled wood. The boxes are the favorite seller. Since they are unique, one of a kind and hand made with their own special touch. Prices are from $15 up depending on the size. The boxes can be used for all kinds of things, adults and children can always find a use for a little Box.

Stop by my booth and have a look ! I am looking forward to meeting you. You can reach me for orders at 931-261-7727.