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Sandy Hoeft

Fine Art and Photos by Sandy Hoeft

Sandy Hoeft is a landscape artist who uses acrylics, oils and occasionally watercolors in her work. She spent over 40 years in Alaska and recently retired in Tennessee. Sandy loves painting clouds and moody skies. She spends time traveling the back roads taking reference photos for her paintings and enjoys seeing the farms and old barns. Sandy also enjoys the gorgeous flowers found in Tennessee and has used them for inspiration in her work. She loves their vibrant colors. Growing up Sandy had many vacations to the ocean beaches. Painting crashing waves and coastal rocks brings back the memories of those trips. Occasionally Sandy will paint non-representational abstracts. Losing herself in color. Whether it's a peaceful old barn, a bold floral, crashing waves or a colorful abstract Sandy hopes that her paintings will inspire a feeling or a memory from her viewers.

Text: 907-982-0636

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