Rick Austin

I have dabbled in art my entire life, in multiple mediums. However, in my senior years I have decided to devote most of my time to sculpting in clay and stone. I live in Parkersburg, WV, but also spend time at my sister’s home in Cookeville, TN. My sculptures are on display at the Parkersburg Art Center in West Virginia and Photo Art Studio and Gallery in Cookeville, Tennessee. Our country is a wondrous mix of cultural delights. We are a diverse people, which is our beauty and strength. As an American sculpture, I have strived to capture the spirit of America with my interpretations of the varied heritages from which this house, our house, has been built. We built this house together, a place where the whole world can be found under one roof. Our country, rich in its diversity, its greatest gift, a gift we should all cherish and share. As an artist, I invited you to participate. Thanks you, Rick Austin, Sculptor