Merritt Ireland


Merritt Ireland has been a clay artist for over 40 years, in addition to exploring other mediums such as papermaking, book arts, monoprints, and painting. She taught the arts to all ages from children and college students to adults and the developmentally disabled. She has held teaching roles from Artist-in-Residence to public school teacher, college faculty, and workshop instructor. Clay has always been her principal love. She received her Masters degree with a concentration in Ceramics from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. At Arrowmont School of Craft Merritt served as an assistant at the 1975 International Ceramic Symposium. In 2004 she took a trip to Kyoto Japan to study the historical Japanese clay forms like the tea bowl, and a trip to Mata Ortiz in 2019 Hand-building is Merritt’s favorite clay construction choice. This fall Merritt’s new clay work will focus again on cats and planters with the new addition of fish forms. Because Merritt is exhibiting at her studio and house you will find old and new versions of her Upstream series, paintings, mixed media and collage on canvas. Also work from her Pollinator series as well as a few photographs.

Instagram: @merrittireland9