Mary Mae

AlienMaryMae / The Art Jam CKVL

Mary Mae lives in a frenetic state of constant creation. Whether she's creating a new piece for The Art Jam, teaching a class or private lesson, making something extra special on commission, or finding a new surface to paint on, she's almost always making something exciting. She works in a few mediums, including digital (Clip Studio, Procreate - iPad) as well as gouache, alcohol marker, and acrylic paints. Storytelling is a central theme in her work, and she always seeks to fill her pieces with energy and high emotions. She particularly enjoys illustration, and has maintained a love for creating for other folks in the form of commissions, but isn't a stranger to murals, posters, comic books, apparel and more. She was a bit of a late bloomer, and didn't discover her passion for art until after she lost part of her hearing in college. She attended SCAD and graduated in 2013 with a BFA in Sequential Arts. In those few moments when she's not working, you can find her atop a mountain with a picnic lunch, or lost in virtual reality. You can watch her create live on Twitch, or catch her anywhere on the internet as @alienmarymae

Instagram: @alienmarymae / @theartjamckvl

Facebook: @alienmarymae / @theartjamckvl