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Hannah La Rue

Ithil Carvings

Creating and working for one’s self has always been the dream for Hannah La Rue. It began with an adventurous childhood. That quickly led to the discovery of learning her true motivations involved working with her hands and forming art from within. She decided to pursue her passions and study at the Appalachian Center for Craft, where she received her Bachelor’s in Fine Art, concentration Glass. While being immersed in college she found new avenues of expression. Art became a new form of self, and the paths to create became endless. But the voice of her art led to carving away precious layers of glass by using a series of diamond encrusted wheels and bits. This process pushed her to create something truly unique and finally gave her art the voice it was searching for. As an emerging maker, glass continues to teach and motivate Hannah’s artistic pursuit. In the fall of ‘21, She created a glass jewelry business called Ithil Carvings. Ithil Carvings is a way for her to constantly express her love for engraving glass. She makes individual carvings on fused glass and forms them into timeless pieces of glass jewelry. Her hope is to create a truly special and unique piece of wearable glass jewelry to empower the owner’s true beauty.

Instagram: @ithil_carvings

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