Carla René

GlitterCat Studios

Long before "realism" was a genré in art, I described my artist self as "an arm with a camera on the end of it". As a child, I was fascinated that the artist could possess the skill that would mimic the accuracy of a photograph so no one could tell the difference. Now as an adult pursuing double doctorates in astrophysics and applied mathematics, the math and laws show this mysterious symbiotic relationship is possible, so I strive to prove this on a personal level through every piece I produce. Why is this important? So many schools have cut certain areas from their science curricula. My astrophysics piece "The Diamond Ring" is from an original reference photo taken from my own telescope during the August 21, 2017 total eclipse; I was on the team of astrophysicists that sent live data back to NASA for study and served as the science advisor for the Upper Cumberland radio that live-streamed all over the globe. Pieces like this help to educate the public, so even education can be beautiful. While I love doing photorealism with coloured pencil, I recently added a brand new technique that others aren’t doing. I use coloured pencils to mimic a watercolour effect. That primarily came out of my disastrous attempts to learn watercolours, but I adore the textures from that technique! I love to explore textures and the pencils give me more control than I ever had with oils. Besides everything else I do, I’m also the crazed mum of 3 whiny, codependent, and they-must-do-acid-behind-my-back cats who treat me like I’m the hired help. :D