Becca Dilldine

Becca Dilldine Ceramics

Becca graduated from the Appalachian Center for Craft in December 2017. She graduated with a BFA in Ceramics and a minor in Social & Behavioral Science. She is currently the Gallery Manager at the Appalachian Center for Craft. She is a full-time studio potter and teaches Ceramics to high school students through the Appalachian Center for Craft’s Focus on Fine Craft program. She resides in Cookeville, Tennessee with her husband, Jonathon, and their three cats and two rabbits. I choose to create utilitarian vessels for everyday use. My forms are thrown on the potter’s wheel and then altered and pinched to leave my own touch, documenting my relationship to each vessel. I paint quick, expressive imagery, inspired by my perception of environments I’ve encountered in my life. I carve through my imagery to reveal my terracotta clay body beneath, providing contrast in each piece. I aspire to create pottery that the user will find their own connection to and be reminded of their personal experiences among nature. My hope is that the functionality of my vessels will become a part of the user’s own daily rituals.

Instagram: @beccadilldineceramics