Adele Seitzinger


Fiber artist and art teacher Adele Seitzinger lives with her husband near Fall Creek Falls State Park. Working from her home studio, she produces hand-dyed silk scarves, shawls, neckties, and decorative items. Adele loves working with color and is inspired by what she sees in God’s beautiful creation in the rural setting in which she lives. The silk painting process can be very involved or not, depending on the methods being used to apply color to the silk. Adele chooses whichever application best fits the project she is working on to capture its beauty and suit its purpose. Some new projects include experimenting with ways to use silk or silkworm cocoons to make jewelry. Along with fiber arts, Adele enjoys teaching art classes to artists of all ages. She teaches three ongoing art classes for kids, high school, and adults weekly at the Cookeville Art Studio and Gallery. Besides her Facebook business page (@threadzart), Adele’s work can be seen online in her Etsy shop and also on Facebook in online art auctions and shows. Like her Facebook page to stay up to date on shows Adele will be in or follow her on Instagram (@threadzart).

Instagram: @threadzart

Facebook: @threadzart