ART Prowl

November 11-12, 2022
Cookeville, Tennessee



ART Prowl celebrated its twentieth anniversary last year, and it was the largest ART Prowl to date— doubling the number of exhibiting artists from recent years. As more artists become aware of this annual event, we anticipate that we will receive more applications this year than ever before. The large increase we have seen in artist interest is exciting and shows that our local arts community is growing. This also means we will no longer be able to accept every artist application that we receive.

Artist applications will be juried this year by an anonymous panel of artists and art appreciators, selected by the Art Round Tennessee Board of Directors and the ART Prowl Committee. The jury will score each artist based on craftsmanship, originality, and overall quality of work.


Artists’ images will be submitted to a blind jury, so please do not submit images that contain a watermark or any identifying features such as your name or business name. These images will be the only part of your application that the jury sees, so be sure they show your best work and are high quality (high res, good lighting, cropped and straightened, etc.).

Acceptance into a previous ART Prowl does not guarantee your place in ART Prowl 2022. Each artist must submit a fully completed application along with five artwork images by the submission deadline to be considered.


All exhibiting artists must reside in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.


Buy/sell vendors and goods are strictly prohibited.


All artwork must be original to the artist and made by the artist's own hand - not employees or contractors.

ART Prowl is a fine art and craft show. Vendors selling items such as food products, candles, soaps, non-art items, and/or non-handmade items will not be accepted.


Artists must apply as individuals and may not apply as a group unless they collaborate on the creation of a single body of work. Please email if you have questions about group eligibility.

All exhibiting artists must be members of Art Round Tennessee.

If you are not yet a member, please submit your $25 membership fee with your application.

If you are a member but your last membership payment was made before November 2021, you will need to renew your membership before ART Prowl and can do so by submitting the $25 fee with your application.

If you are unsure of your membership status, please email us at


The application deadline is July 11th at 11:59 PM CST.

Artists will be notified of their acceptance in late July.

If accepted, artists must pay their booth fee of $100 by August 15th. Booth fees will be non-refundable after October 1st unless authorized by the ART Prowl director. Please contact us if a special circumstance arises.

Booth and membership fees may be sent via check if you do not wish to submit payment online.

Make checks payable to Art Round Tennessee and mail to:

Art Round Tennessee

PO Box 1424

Cookeville, TN 38503

Artists understand that Art Round Tennessee does not carry insurance to cover your personal property during ART Prowl. Insurance for personal liability during the event and exhibited artwork will be the sole responsibility of the artist to obtain and is advised.

All sales are handled by the exhibiting artists. Artists are responsible for collecting and remitting their own sales tax.


Art Round Tennessee is excited to introduce its first Emerging Artist Program! The Emerging Artist Program was created as a way to encourage and support artists who are in the very early stages of their art careers. This is a great opportunity for emerging makers to introduce their artwork to the community while gaining experience in selling and displaying their work.

Emerging artists will exhibit in a shared space in the Putnam County Library for a reduced booth fee of $50. Emerging artists are only required to submit three images of their artwork and will be selected by the ART Prowl Committee instead of a formal jury.

To apply for this program and learn more about artist eligibility, please visit the Emerging Artist Application page. Artists may only submit one application - either the general artist application or the emerging artist application but not both.