Art Round Tennessee

is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization based in the city of Cookeville dedicated to supporting artists in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. The mission of ART is to provide opportunities to engage all people in experiencing and creating art, keeping art in the public eye, thereby promoting Cookeville as a growing and vibrant arts destination that encourages and supports economic opportunities.



ART Prowl was the vision of Adrienne Stone and Sandi Bos— born in their backyard gallery before relocating to the Square in Cookeville, TN. In a great step for visual arts in Cookeville, Adrienne procured ART Prowl’s first grant from the Cookeville Arts Council, an organization which continues to be a strong and steady ART supporter, and they were off and running!


Sally Crain Jager, who to so many was at the heart of visual art in Cookeville, injected her energy and vision. Painters from the Cumberland Art Society, along with invited 3D and mixed media artists, participated in that first show in 2001.


In the years since its inception, ART Prowl has grown substantially. A non-profit organization, Art Round Tennessee (ART), was formed to steer ART Prowl and to develop public art in Cookeville. ART has organized art-related workshops and events, summer programs for children, and, in 2018, installed and dedicated to the City of Cookeville a beautiful sculptural bicycle arch (SPOKES) as a tribute to the citizens of Cookeville.


In this growing community nurtured by public art, ART Prowl flourishes as an annual art studio and pop-up gallery tour. Each November, it takes over Cookeville's WestSide and downtown, representing approximately 50 local artists and offering powerful and lasting personal experiences for all visitors.


Michael Dyer

Board President

Joined 2016

Brie Flora

Vice President

Joined 2021

Laurie Sewell


Joined 2016

Marilee Hall


Joined 2005

Anna Askins-Dunn

Board Member

Joined 2021

Justin Blackmon

Board Member

Joined 2021

Matt Knieling

Board Member

Joined 2021


Jen Luna

Executive Director

Emma Levitz

Creative Director & Administrator


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