Laurie Hall


A professional artist for the last 15 years, Laurie has worked in multiple mediums, but has always found a home in clay. Her mother was a well known print maker and her father a photographer. One could say the arts are in her blood. Clay affords the opportunity to explore natural forms and textures found in her hand built functional ware and sculpture. Laurie also enjoys exploring animal forms as well as more abstract forms in her sculptures. Her functional work is mostly hand built but can contain wheel thrown elements. Her work creates a dialogue between form and surface to create a cohesive whole. "Often the clay body itself is a rich enough surface on it's own, so I create an interplay with it, glazes and oxides to enhance many types of surface treatment" she says when describing one of her technique. Laurie has participated in large national shows as well as smaller boutique shows. She has won awards for Best in Ceramics on multiple occasions.