Brie Flora


Instagram: @brie_flora

The aesthetic of my work comes from combining repetition, texture, and asymmetry found in nature, with my love of fantasy, sci-fi, and some playful color combinations that remind me of my childhood from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Each piece is completely hand fabricated, I powder coat specific parts and pieces to create industrial pops of color alongside the silver, gold filled, and oxidized finishes, creating fanciful and fun small wearable sculptures. The process in creating my work relies heavily on working with my hands and is a therapeutic way for me to hash out some past trauma and grief. I meticulously create layers and patterns from multiple smaller parts and then add the pops of color and or textures to finish the piece. My jewelry is created to make whoever wears it feel special and strong and hope that being adorned by the pieces gives them feeling of uniqueness and confidence from the moment they put it on until moment they take it off.